On Netflix, how to join friends in your video broadcasts

Common Netflix Party and Watch Party from Amazon ? Each of these services allows you to watch a movie or a tv series in a group while chatting with their friends or family members, regardless of where they are in the country.

In other words, instead of watching only a movie, this function of viewing you together in a group. A bit like when you watch a movie or a series on TVA or Radio-Canada at the same time that thousands of people at the same time; this time with a function of sharing the keyboard.

How does it work ?

To take advantage of this sharing feature, it should, of course, have a Netflix account, using only his laptop or desktop computer connected to the Internet with the Chrome browser and all participants must reside in the same country.

Other platforms such as iOS, Android, tablets, game consoles and other browsers are not compatible.

Also, you need to install on the browser Chrome the module Netflix Party. The giant of the streaming written yet in its pages that the Opera browser is compatible, but cannot find any link to get the module.

By the way, on the site Netflix Party, the instructions are only in English, no need to look for a French version.

Up to 50 people

To begin, log in to your Netflix account and make sure that you are on the profile of your main account. Select a movie or program and make sure that it is being broadcast. Your URL link to send will look like “netflix.com/watch/videoID”. Then click on the red button NP to host your chat Netflix Party NP.

To invite your friends to share the broadcast, send them the link, without forgetting that they, too, use Chrome with the module. Up to 50 friends can talk in the same chat room. However, this number may be lower depending on the limitations of the servers.

Netflix Party is used by more than 10 million subscribers and the giant ensures that the identifiers and passwords are protected by encryption end-to-end.

In addition, the content and the history of the conversations are deleted from servers as soon as subscribers leave the session Netflix Party.

On certain securities Premium Amazon, the function of session and Watch Party is available, here is circled in the bottom right

Watch Party on Amazon Prime

Number two of the streaming service, Amazon Prime Video was not slow to follow suit at its main competitor.

However, Watch Party, which is still in testing (beta) is only available to members in the United States. But, as usual, the service will sooner or later be deployed on other markets and Canada is not not far away.

According to the needs, the host of the session of viewing will be able to start, stop, and pause the video to Watch the Party and these changes will be instantly synchronized with the devices of all, up to 100 participants, so long as they are members of Premium.

To install any module, it will be sufficient for the host to create a session Watch Party and invite other members by sending them a link.

A phenomenon amplified by the containment

The sessions Watch Party are available on computer browsers except Apple’s Safari. Other devices such as Fire TV, smart tvs, games consoles, multimedia players connected, the mobile phones and tablets are not currently supported.

During the months of a pandemic, Netflix has been a huge success with his Netflix Party, if that other groups, such as HBO and Hulu will offer their own version of “party video”.

Metastream, Discord

There are the giants, but also smaller players that offer services of lounges text very varied and versatile, as Metastream and Discord. Same principle, you install a module on Firefox or Chrome and in with a username and an account, it is possible to join a session on Discord. For the latter, all platforms are supported, even on Linux.

Other ways even more simple are possible. Invite your friends to watch a movie for let’s say 21 h battery, open Facetime, iMessage or WhatsApp and chat between you on your favourite mobile device while the video scrolls on the large screen each. No computer, or module, just a good chair comfortably seated.

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