On Pugachev was hunting a dangerous maniac

На Пугачеву охотился опасный маньяк

Often, the popularity of the celebrities turns into unexpected results, in particular persecution from the fans. Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru, Lil Wayne and other artists on personal experience knows that such excessive adoration of the audience.

На Пугачеву охотился опасный маньяк

Alla Pugacheva inadequate fans pursue throughout life. In the late 80s in the house of prima donnas, a few days living the unknown man. About Ilya Reznik told in the book “Pugachev and other Maestro”. The house was missing things and food. After a long search of the malefactor managed to find in an air duct.

However, the most egregious case occurred in the 70s. Then Alla Borisovna pursued a very real maniac Anatoly Nagiyev, on account of which there were at least six victims. The perpetrator wanted to kill Pugachev, so several times came to Moscow. There is even a theory that Nagiyev chose victims who outwardly looked like a Diva. In the end the criminal was caught and executed. Bartoccetti that in the end, this story became the basis for the TV series “the Hunt for a singer”.

На Пугачеву охотился опасный маньяк

Another terrible incident was remembered by singer Sergei Minaev. One day the artist visited Pugacheva, and right in front of him someone attacked the star.

“The man bursts in and jumps on Dolly parton. I began to defend Pugachev, long fought with him. It turned out that this is not a man, and a famous fan. Alla told me then that she is kind, but jealous,” he shared memories of the musician.

We will remind that earlier Andrey Danilko was having with my mom Serduchka at the Eurovision capital of 2019.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” the bookies were surprised with a new prediction for the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the color mood of sadness: Lazarus and Kirkorov were forbidden to speak with Madonna. It is known that Madonna should be in the finals, may 18. The singer will perform two songs, but this performance will turn into a full-scale show.


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