On sale for$ 2.7 Million : the incredible story of the Village Canadiana

En vente pour 2,7 M$ : l’incroyable histoire du Village Canadiana

The “village” where was filmed the series “Up-Country” is to sell for five years, and the ad has surfaced online this week on the site of Centris, generating many shares on social networks. This field is home to far more than just scenery : it is a plot important to the heritage of the people of Rawdon. Here is a glimpse of history in the heart of this place that piqued the curiosity in the last days.

Rawdon, in the Lanaudière region, a large area of land on which were built 45 buildings gives the impression of a return in time.

The “Canadiana Village” has hosted over the years several shoots. It recognizes not only the backgrounds of the series “Up-Country”, but also the films “The son of patriot”, “the name of the father” and “I’m Not There” (about the life of singer Bob Dylan).

“We nicknamed it the ” Hollywood of the North” laughs Beverly Prud’homme, founder of the Rawdon Historical Society and former employee of the site.

Ms. Prud’homme tells the story about the Canadiana Village was founded by Earle and Norah Moore, in 1959. The site has been open to visitors until 1996.

“Norah was an interior decorator training, and Earle was mayor of the Town of Mont-Royal, and then of Baie-d’urfé. He was also the president of the boy Scouts of Canada and owner of Moore Brothers Machinery”, enumerates it.

“It was a very busy guy! In addition, Norah, and made him all the restorations of the houses in the village themselves.”

Some of the residences have been brought from Lachute, says Jean Guy de Guire, of the historical Society of Joliette in the Lanaudière region. “They had taken the general store in Saint-Anicet, in the corner of Valleyfield.”

At one time, donkeys, horses, and beavers lived in the Village Canadiana. “It was a value added to the attraction,” recalls Ms. Prud’homme.

Immense potential, an uncertain future

Joined by the 24 Hours, the current owner of the land Daniel Ferron refused to grant us an interview. Mr. Ferron submits, however, have refused several offers of purchase for the past five years, and hopes that the Village Canadiana keeps its vocation of table turning.

Beverly Prud’homme admits to having been part of a group of citizens of Rawdon who have attempted to acquire the site “around 1999”, but without success.

One thing is certain, the people of the city were actually more suitable amusement park, remembers Ms. Prud’homme. In addition to making a donation to the antiquities of their ancestors, the members of the community of Rawdon were many to come and collect. Some have even been buried.

“The church of the Village Canadiana was built for the filming of the “Son of patriot”, but the headstones to the side are authentic. The cemetery of the catholic church in Rawdon has been moved there,” she said.

“What is unfortunate is that people come today in Rawdon to find the graves of their ancestors, but they no longer have access. All the land is fenced and padlocked for the past 20 years.”

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