On “star Square” lighted star in honor of the group “Time and Glass”

Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexey Zavgorodniy told about their emotions, creative plans about how to achieve success and how this may contribute to the project “star Square”

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На "Площади звезд" зажглась звезда в честь группы "Время и Стекло"

October in Kiev has begun with a bright and extraordinary event. On “star Square” that is located in the heart of the capital near shopping center Gulliver, discovered a new star in honor of the famous pop group “Time and Glass”. The authors and performers of high-profile hits – the lovely and talented Nadia Dorofeeva and Alex Zavgorodniy, known to fans under the pseudonym of Positive – told about their emotions, creative plans about how to achieve success and how this may contribute to the project “star Square”.

To begin, we note that the discovery of a new star took on a very symbolic day. Just 1 October all over the world celebrated the international music day. In addition, the event was held on the eve of the new Grand concert called VISLOVO, which is scheduled for October 5 in the “Palace of Sport”.


Fans began to gather on the “Square of stars” long before the arrival of the famous Duo. In hand – phones, cameras, notebooks and pens, magazines and photos. In short, the full “combat readiness” selfie with your favorite artists and autographs. Moreover, the people came absolutely different ages – adults, Teens, and even children of primary school.

The path to success is hard work

The first event came Positive. As they say, from the ship to the ball. Just an hour earlier, he arrived with a concert in Turkey, but, as always, was in a great mood. “Waiting For Nadia. She’s arguing with a Parking attendant” – revealed the singer’s secret late partner and even offered to call her, as a child Santa Claus. However, waiting too long, and the audience applause and melodies of popular hits, the group appeared all-star team.

“I remember when we first arrived with his parents in Kiev. As I admired what a huge city, only about him and dreamed. And now here was the birth of our star. This is something unreal, we are very pleased”, – said Nadezhda Dorofeeva. The artists admitted that he had been on the walk of Fame in Hollywood. “I then just went to star johnny Depp,” recalls Nadia. “And I hate star Michael Jackson, who inspired me at the time. Cool that we have such a project that people can take pictures next to stars are their idols. Just nice to know you can influence young people, the younger generation with their music,” adds a Positive. However, at the same time, both members of the group are reminded that fame and success does not come just like that.

“The work of the artist at first glance it seems easy and pleasant, but in fact it is not. You need a very, very, very much work to do it every day. Even if we have a Positive there is some output, we’ll surely do something for work. Or will work on vocals, or meet me at the Studio. So we suggest all the guys to believe in themselves and parents to support their children. If no one believes in you, that is no reason to despair. Now there is the Internet, thanks to which even with a shortage of funds, you can learn to sing and dance. Do more self-development and not give up. The path to the dream heavy, but the work yields results. Hope our star will stimulate it,” advised the young fans of the members of the group “Time and Glass”.


As you know, success is impossible not only without effort, but without a reliable team that is always ready to lend a shoulder. There was, and in today’s celebrants.

Administrator and tour Manager of the group Vitaly Sergeenko: “Thank you for today, everyone came to share with us the joy of this event. I’m with the guys since the beginning and know what efforts and work got them this star. How much has been covered cities, countries, miles of road and off-road, how many sleepless nights. Over the years the guys have grown as professionals and become artists with a capital letter. I am very proud of our team and our family. And I wish star “Time and Glass” light for longer and brighter.”

Attended the festival and the sound engineer Vladimir Lyubimov: “the Star is a symbol of what it takes to work, and your work will be marked”.

With fans of the musicians after the festival said goodbye for a few days – many will meet this coming Saturday at the concert. Promise a fun and unforgettable show, an entirely new choreography, the scale of the scene, incredible costumes and sets, and, of course, already favorite and new songs.

Until the end of the year there will be a few more stars

Don’t forget to mention that the star of “Time and Glass” was a double anniversary – it has become the 35th in a row on “star Square” and the tenth “music”. The place of honor it occupied next to the equally well-known performers and groups. This is Olya Polyakova, Nina Matvienko, “druga Rika”, “skai”, Monatik, TNMK… in a word, the boys got into a decent star and the singing company.

“We are pleased that all worked out, because the group agreement lasted six months, and the opening of a star in their honor was postponed three times already. This is a complex process, it is necessary that all factors coincide – and celebrities found time in his busy schedule, and the weather was favorable, and more. Why “Time and Glass”? This group, which soon will be ten years, from which without mind all the young people. And the goal of our project is to show to all people, especially the young, to aspire to what is possible in life if you set a goal. We are happy that the “star Square” not only celebrates the outstanding Ukrainians, but also presents an example to future generations,” – said the head of the project “star Square” and PR-Director of the SEC Gulliver Tatiana Atajanova.

We will remind, on “star Square” also immortalized the names of legendary athletes, successful actors of theatre and cinema artists. Their stars earlier, it was won by Yana Klochkova, Andriy Shevchenko, Irina Deryugina, Olga Harlan, Oleg Blokhin, Rimma zyubina, Ahtem Seitablaev, Ada Rogovtseva, Vladimir Goryansky and many others. This fall, residents and guests will see some more exciting discoveries. Near shopping center Gulliver plan to light up the stars after the famous actress Irma Vitovska and Larissa Kadochnikova, in honor of three outstanding athletes, whose names are kept secret. And will complete a stellar season this year, the crowd favorite, singer, producer, songwriter Potap. Many believe he is the one who deserves his personal star in the center of Kiev, because his talent pleases the fans for 20 years.

Read more about the project please visit the link: https://gullivercenter.com/ru/trc-stars

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