On the coast of Australia found the teeth of a giant ancient shark

На побережье Австралии нашли зубы гигантской древней акулы

On the coast of Australia a hundred kilometers from Melbourne paleontologist-a lover and teacher Philip Mullaly found inches the giant teeth of ancient sharks. Carcharocle angustidens or a large toothed escosura shark is a relative of the Megalodon, the interest to which the General public increased significantly after rolling out of the Hollywood blockbuster “Meg,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Media Tycoon.

Carcharocle angustidens lived on our planet for about 25 million years ago. In size it is about twice the size of modern great white shark.

Its length could reach ten metres. The length of the Megalodon was at least 20, and even 24 feet.

His discovery Mallali handed over to the Melbourne Museum.

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