On the face and hair of trump remarked crawling beetle: video

Donald trump calmly made his speech, despite the insect

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На лице и волосах Трампа заметили ползающего жука: видео

Donald Trump

During a speech of U.S. President Donald trump in the state of Virginia there was a curious incident: the hair and the face of the head of state have climbed the bug. The video published on Twitter-page of Sky News, has collected more than 348 thousand views and a lot of retweets.

In the video you can notice how Donald trump continued calmly making her speech, despite the insect.

Network users had began to joke about it. “The poor beetle, he’s just trying to figure out what fruit it landed: orange, but not as sweet as usual,” said one of the users. Another user suggested that a bug stuck in a “hideous candy floss”.

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Earlier “Today” wrote that at the meeting held in 2018, the journalists had the impression that the President of the United States Donald trump winked at Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It is also worth noting that trump is wrong sometimes in microblogs. One of the most famous incidents occurred in 2017, when his page, there was a mysterious inscription “Despite the constant negative covfefe in the press.” The tweet was in the tape of the President a few hours, after which they were removed.

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