On the gallery of Guy Bélanger

Sur la galerie de Guy Bélanger

Guy Bélanger has decided to offer a virtual performance fee filmed on his gallery in Repentigny. The provision of one hour was recorded last Friday and will be presented on 4 July at 20: 30.

“I have a large gallery of 35 feet, many trees, well of water, and I decided to do it here. I thought the decor was interesting. I think it will make beautiful images, ” has launched the harmonica player.

The producer Karl-Emmanuel Picard had given him to give his live show to the Anti Bar and Shows in Quebec, but Guy Bélanger has chosen to offer a show in containment.

“It was a little complicated technically, and we had a desire to work in a universe controlled “, he explained, during a telephone interview.

The harmonica player is accompanied by guitarist Rob MacDonald and bassist Marc-André Drouin, who will play bass and drums at the same time.

“It’s pretty special. It is an octopus “, he advised, laughing.

The three musicians had not seen each other for four months. “You really needed to play together,” noted harmonica player.

The performance was recorded last Friday. He even invited his neighbors to attend the recording of the concert while remaining in the bottom of the field.

The images were filmed by three cameras and 4 K. Xavier, the son of Guy Bélanger, who is an editor in the film industry, currently working on the product that will be released.

A been lost

The show will be focused on the album Eldorado , which was launched last fall. The musician will also do an overview of its five other albums with the favourite parts of the public.

“I have not given a lot of shows with Eldorado. The tour was planned for later. It’s going to be a great opportunity to present this disc that I like a lot, ” he said.

The pandemic has led to the cancellation of some twenty concerts. Guy Bélanger would have also had to be on the plains of Abraham, on the 23rd of June, as an invited musician, for the national holiday.

“It was aligning itself to be a beautiful year. I lost a lot of income, and I cross my fingers for the fall “, has launched one of them to accompany the Roommates, on the 1st of July, during a performance mode ciné-parc to the parc Bellerive on the Saint-ours, Montérégie.

Tickets for his performance of Saturday, on his gallery, are for sale on lepointdevente.com.

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