On the Ground send signals dead planet zombie

Scientists have found the best candidates for the receipt of interstellar messages from planetary graves

Evgeniy Opanasenko

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На Землю посылают сигналы мертвые планеты-зомби

Dead core dead planets send signals to Earth

Distant dead planet, stripped to their cores the strongest stellar wind, still betray their presence signals into space. Astronomers said that you can catch these creepy “messages” from the planets-zombies.

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When stars begin to die, then turn into a red giant, which burns all close to the sun of the planet, leaving them only a small metallic core. Then, a massive star loses its outer layers, turning into a dim remnant called a white dwarf.

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The magnetic field between the white dwarf and the metal remains of the cores of the planets in orbit can form a chain, emitting radio waves that can be captured using telescopes here on Earth. Now the team, which includes the discoverer of the first extrasolar planets, planning to catch a creepy message from a dead planet-zombie by detecting their radio signals.

“No one ever found the bare core of a large planet or a large planet just by monitoring magnetic signatures. This discovery could help us better understand the composition of remote exoplanets, listening to their cores,” explains Dimitri Veras of the University of Warwick.

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Veras, together with Professor Pennsylvania state University Alexander Volanom, co-author of the first confirmed exoplanets in the 1990-ies, published a study in the Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society, which indicates the stars from white dwarfs are the best candidates for receiving radio transmissions from planetary graves.

“We think our chances of exciting discoveries are pretty high,” said Valsan.

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These discoveries can be exciting and terrible at the same time, because our own planet may die in the same way, through billions of years when the Sun will increase in size and burn Earth to the ground, leaving behind only the dead core. Scientists hope that by the time we go to different star systems in order to save their species from extinction.

We will remind that earlier, planet hunters have discovered a living DoppelgangeR of the Earth. And recently, the spacecraft NASA “bite off” a piece of the Sun.

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