On the highway Zhitomir – Mogilyov-Podolsk on fire a passenger bus. Video

На трассе Житомир - Могилев-Подольский загорелся пассажирский автобус. Видео

From the bottom of the bus began to “crumble” sparks.

Not far from Vinnitsa, on the highway Zhitomir – Mogilyov-Podolsk first began to smoke and caught on fire a passenger bus.

As reported by the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to apostrophe.ua, the bus was burning engine compartment. The fire occurred when the driver was returning from the flight, so the cabin did not have passengers.

It is noted that the bus driver was not injured, so managed to stop in time and ran from the cabin.

Firefighters called witnesses who were at the gas station located near the scene. They also helped in extinguishing the fire.

An eyewitness said that from the bottom of the bus began to “crumble” sparks.

“He drove a few meters and caught fire,” said the girl.


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