On the reverse side of the moon discovered space slime

Among the stones and minerals in Chinese “UTU-2” Rover discovered a mysterious substance that is unknown to science

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На обратной стороне Луны обнаружена космическая слизь

The strange find was discovered by the Chinese lunar Rover “WiTu-2”

Chinese mission “Chang’e-4” now explores one of the least known regions of the moon – the opposite direction, which is not visible from the Ground. Rover “WiTu-2” travels on the surface of our satellite among ordinary stones and minerals found mysterious substance that is unknown to science, according to Digital Trends.

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The sticky substance was found on 25 July in the lunar crater, and stand out from the rest of the surface of the moon due to its color and texture. The Chinese describe the substance as “gel-like and unusual color,” but did not provide photos. The finding was so intriguing that the mission had to pause in order exhaustively to explore the alien substance.

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Chinese scientists have not disclosed details about what found “UTU-2”, and keep data about the discovery secret. According to ufologists, the discovery represents the traces of aliens. But scientists have been more rational and description suggested that this may be some accumulation of condensed gas or molten glass, trapped on the moon together with some meteorite.

Lander “UTU-2” just got out of night hibernation to resume exploration of the moon during the ninth lunar day. A lunar day is equivalent to 14 days on the Land like a moonlit night. His next task will be to conduct scientific tests using the detector of neutron radiation, low-frequency Radiodetection, infrared spectrometer and other devices that will focus on monitoring the composition of the surface of the moon.

На обратной стороне Луны обнаружена космическая слизь

One of the images of the lunar surface from the back side of the satellite

However, the mission not only uses Chinese technology. It represents international cooperation. “Mission “Chang’e-4″ represents hope of China to unite the wisdom of man in space exploration with four useful devices developed by the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia,” reports state news Agency of China, Xinhuanet.

Earlier, a military space plane X-37B broke the record in orbit.

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