On the road to Prince Edward Island

On the road to Prince Edward Island


Does the idea of ​​taking to their heels before fall take hold of you? Why not replace the air of the city with the salty air of the Maritimes? Swap the backyard for the thousand-and-one soft sand beaches, the swimming pool for the crystal clear fresh water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the barbecue for a feast of seafood… Not to mention the sunsets at breathtaking.

This week, head to Prince Edward Island with some unmissable gourmet addresses!

P.S. On the island, forget the white tablecloths and gourmet tables. You have to run more to the little fish and seafood shacks… Once at the restaurant, stick to the safe bets: fresh oysters, seafood chowder, lobster rolls, mussels and other wonderful seafood!



In operation for more than 45 years, Richard's snack bar serves only the crème de la crème of seafood products. If you hesitate when you see the queue, tell yourself that your patience will be greatly rewarded, and this, from the first bite of lobster burger, garnished only with… lobster claws topped with hot butter. We even prefer it to the classic roll, the latter served cold, enhanced with a light mayonnaise. We don't skimp on the delicious homemade fries!



9 Wharf Road, York

►< strong>2 Main Street, Victoria-by-the-sea

Blue Mussel Cafe

We go there not only for the perfectly spiced Bloody Caesar (and garnished with a fresh oyster), the fish that were caught that morning or the blue mussels, but also for the incredible view of the bay of North Rustico Harbor . The menu is full of local products, skillfully prepared in simplicity to honor them.

A dinner at the Blue Mussel after a long day touring the beaches of Cavendish National Park is yes!



312 Harbourview Drive, North Rustico< /p>


Point Prim Chowder House

Located on the south coast of the Island, the Point Prim Chowder House restaurant offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in Prince Edward Island. Between two bites of a tasty and gourmet lobster roll, we enjoy the present moment: a breeze of air in our hair, the setting sun on one side, the Point Prim lighthouse on the other. We treat ourselves to a chowder and their famous seafood ragout, while keeping an appetite for the homemade desserts.

We make sure to arrive before the time of the reservation to visit the oldest lighthouse in the province, Prim Point!



2150 Point Prim Road, Belfast

Cow's Creamery

In Charlottetown, the Cow’s Creamery factory is as attractive to discover as its delicious products to taste. It offers fun and entertaining interactive tours that will appeal to young and old alike. Between a visit to the sweater, ice cream and cheese factory, there is enough to whet your appetite to get your hands on their cheeses with many distinctions (including the Avonlea cheddar voted best aged cheese in the world in 2016), amazing tasting butters or ice creams.


► cowscreamery.ca

12, Milky Way, Charlottetown< /p>

Charlottetown Farmers Market


Every Saturday, the Charlottetown Farmer's Market is buzzing with Islanders, tourists, and enthusiastic artisans busy shopping for bargains. From the baker to the soap maker, more than forty of them share their talent with the general public: something to satisfy all tastes – and concoct a very good picnic!

During the summer season, a second appointment is given, this time every Sunday, on Charlottetown's exceptionally pedestrian main artery. We actually fell in love with this one.


100 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown

The Inn at Bay Fortune

After many years behind the screen hosting cooking shows, star chef – and author of several books – Michael Smith has built a solid reputation. Today, he invites his customers to live a unique experience called Fireworks Feast in his hostel. The evening begins with a visit to the farm, followed by a 5 to 6 oysters and bites at will, before sitting down inside for the feast, where everything is cooked over a wood fire, in a festive atmosphere. Vegetables from his farm as well as fish, meat and seafood from Prince Edward Island are featured, of course!


758 Route 310, Bay Fortune


The Merchantman is one of the restaurants open all year round. Nestled in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, you can go there at any time of the day to satisfy small (or big) seafood cravings. We sit on the terrace, inside or at the Next Door (the large terrace located at the back) to savor local oysters accompanied by a cocktail, continuing with a seafood chowder, fresh lobster, or even a fish'n'chips. For seafood lovers, our choice certainly stops on the Seafood Boil, a generous assortment of lobster, crab, mussels, scallops, clams, corn and potatoes, in a rich garlic broth.< /p>

Several options without fish and seafood are also available.


23, rue Queens, Charlottetown

 Tommy Dion is a food columnist/critic and founder of the web platform and foodie guide < em>www.lecuisinomane.com