On the set of the film “fast and furious 9” crashed stunt double of VIN Diesel

Stunt man is in intensive care

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На съемках фильма "Форсаж 9" разбился дублер Вина Дизеля

Frame from the movie “fast and furious”

On the set of the film “fast and furious 9”, which involved characters from the previous paintings, the accident happened. Stuntman, who is the stunt double of VIN Diesel, fell from a height of over 10 meters and received a head injury. Victim in critical condition was taken by a special helicopter to the hospital. He is in intensive care.

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It should be noted that the shooting of the film take place in the UK in Hertfordshire. 52-year-old VIN Diesel was present at the site when the incident occurred. The actor is shocked by the incident. He expressed the hope that the stuntman will survive.

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It is unclear what kind of stunt were performed by the understudy star. Wine is really a severe shock. In 2002, one of his doubles died. It happened in Prague during the filming of the movie “xxx”. Stuntman Harry O’connor, former soldier of the U.S. special forces “Navy seals”, the experienced skydiver had to fly a paraglider under the famous bridge of palacký. First take was a success, despite the strong wind. But O’connor was not pleased. He said he will try again. During the second attempt, Harry caught on the pole and broke his neck. As a result, the film was used the first take. To cut the scene out of the picture were not in the memory of stuntman.

На съемках фильма "Форсаж 9" разбился дублер Вина Дизеля

We will remind, earlier starring Dominic Toretto – VIN Diesel announced that actor caste paintings “fast and furious 9” is joined by Hollywood actress Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren.

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