“On the verge”: Kutsenko made Kharlamov tempting offer after the video Asmus

"На грани": Куценко сделал Харламову заманчивое предложение после видео с Асмус

today, 18:48

Recently there was a scandal around explicit scenes of Russian actress Kristina Asmus in the movie “the Text” directed by Klim shypenko. The picture looked very realistic and the network has already called the movie pornographic.

After the film the audience is literally brought a wave of criticism of the husband of actress comedian Garik Kharlamov. On the network even rumors about divorce of star pair.

"На грани": Куценко сделал Харламову заманчивое предложение после видео с Асмус

The network is rigidly walked the husband of Christina Asmus Garik Kharlamov. It is called a cuckold and believe that he too trusts his wife and does not see how she flirts with men. The scene in the movie fans consider too revealing and a cause for concern Garik.

Kharlamov decided to meet the enemies on their attacks and said that it was art and she had not changed. Some celebrities have joined Garik.

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“Garik, you saw a sex scene? How did you let the wife play in this? Your wife @&#% for the whole country, and you are calm? This is the most gentle questions. There are harder, of course. Gather a collection for the exhibition later. Since the film is a Text, answer text. If the whole movie you only remember a sex scene, then I pity you. The film is not about that. Exactly. Now that you have discussed this scene and bombarded me with questions, go and see after all what the movie at all. My wife is an actress. In this film she plays the role. A sex scene written in the book and necessary to the plot. Yeah, frankly. Yes, on the verge. What?” — wrote Kharlamov in Instagram.

Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko decided with humor to support Kharlamov. He said he was proud of Garik and ready not in word but in deed to support it. He is ready to take joint stage homosexual and show it to the whole country.

"На грани": Куценко сделал Харламову заманчивое предложение после видео с Асмус

While Garik replied to this comment agreed.

ATTENTION! Video contains explicit scenes:

Recall, full video sex scenes with his wife Kharlamov merged into the network.

As reported Know. ua, Asmus and Kharlamov first graced the cover of gloss with a small daughter.

Also Know As. ua wrote that too racy videos with his wife Kharlamov Asmus saw everything, shame can not be avoided.

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