On the verge of tears, apologizing for having “bullied” a journalist

Au bord des larmes, il s’excuse d’avoir «brimé» une journaliste

At the heart of a storm for two days, one of two individuals who have embraced against his will to a reporter from TVA during a demonstration of anti-mask to Quebec “apologizes” and says he is shaken, but assures that he didn’t want to “bully” the reporter.

This is a man under the shock and on the verge of tears that The Journal has met with him, yesterday, by the end of the day.

Sunday noon, when the reporter Kariane Bourassa was live, Jean-François Mongrain, accompanied by another man, approached the woman to give him a hug. The two men did not wear masks and have not complied with the detachment physics.

“Embrace of brotherhood “

The gesture, called aggression by many people, has been widely condemned in recent days, including by the vice-premier of Québec, Geneviève Guilbault, who deemed the move ” unacceptable “.

Mr. Mongrain said that he would never have believed that what he called” a brace of brotherhood ” was going to cause such a fracas.

Shortly before the event, the father of the family claims to have first “defended” the journalist in front of a few protesters who were aggressive towards the media. “We had just come to live a moment of aggression,” Mr. Mongrain.

It is then that the two men are spontaneously directed to the journalist who worked to make him a ” hug of brotherhood “. Jean-François Mongrain ensure not know the identity of the second character.

The Newspaper has not been able to confirm the identity of the other man, who should live outside of Quebec.

For his part, Jean-François Mongrain works with the ministry of Transport. The employer, which ” does not endorse the behavior of the demonstrator “, has met with the employee and evaluates the possibility to impose administrative measures against him.

Jean-François Mongrain (left)

A gesture of ” good faith “

Jean-François Mongrain ensures that it was at the stroke of a gesture of ” good faith “. “I wasn’t there for the taunt, it was a gesture of brotherhood, he reiterates, I didn’t want it angry. It was angry, I apologized, I assumed. “

He understands now that it was a gesture moved. “I apologize, seriously. I did not mean to offend, I wanted to offend anyone. “

He said he is also sensitive to the wave of denunciations that has currently taking place in Quebec and ensures to understand that his gesture, mixed with the rules of aloofness, has caused all these reactions.

“With the denunciations, it was agreed that this would have been commonplace before, now it is not, it is rendered fragile on it, this is not just the COVID. “

The man has received several threats in recent hours. “My guys called me : dad, what’s happening ? “he said, with a tear to the eye.

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