On “The Voice. Children” poison daughter Alsu: investigations, bullying, tears and frustration

На "Голос. Дети" травят дочь Алсу: расследования, буллинг, слезы и разочарование


In Russia, the scandal around the song contest “Voice. Children.” The owner of the winning the coveted statuettes, the show was a daughter of the popular singer Alsou Abramova Micelle. And the audience decided that it was not an accident.

The finale took place on Friday, April 26. Micelle for the last song chose the hit of Rihanna and Eminem, and in the Grand final played the song Yuri Nikolaev. At this stage, show your rating given not by the jury and the audience by voting.

This transparent system was not supposed to anger the fans of the show, but they were shocked when they learned that it won the daughter Alsu. For the title of winner of the season fought another two members: ward Valery Meladze Yerzhan Maxim and Valery kouzakov, which taught Pelagia. They scored a 15.6% and 27.9%. Mikella managed to score 56.3% of the vote.

На "Голос. Дети" травят дочь Алсу: расследования, буллинг, слезы и разочарование

The girl was very surprised when he learned of his victory on the awards ceremony and did cry.

The results of any competition cause dissatisfaction of the defeated party and those who were rooting for her. But here was involved celebrity and money, and this the Russians could not forgive.

After the results were known, viewers lashed out on the singer Alsu. She even decided to hide your comments in Instagram. They urge members of the jury pelage and Valery Meladze to pay attention to the results.

“Polyushka as a direct participant of the events comment on. Although complete silence at the moment mentors too eloquently”, ” Valery! So… do You feel what is the final? Not so with the children! Do not participate more in this show” – outraged fans of the show.

Recall, Loboda prophesied daughter Alsu the plight.

As reported Know. ua charges husband Alsou infidelity revealed the truth.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the star of the 90s, Lil Wayne has shared a touching photo.


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