On the X-factor, there was a funny confusion with the people’s award: “Shame on you…”

На Х-факторе случился забавный конфуз с Народной премией: "Стыдно..."

X-factor. The press service of STB channel

today, 12:06

Group Yurkash was the best among teams who were on X-Factor, the results of the voting “people’s award”, but the award was not invited, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

Yurkash performed on X-Factor in 2017 and then had huge success. The organizers of the show promised the musicians to shoot a music video, but this promise was not fulfilled until now. “We are not Hachiko, in order to wait for this, because back then everything was clear… But still have all flickered a little spark of hope that the words in our time have force,” the band wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Uglublennim will spen show X-Factor visano YURCASH”

News maєmo scho on vcherashnem direct APR show X Factor (The X Factor Ukraine) has agrosila results golosuvannya the “people’s prize”, in de nanaz “of Uglublenie collective show X-Factor” (for all of sezoni sovanna show) Peremogy visano rock-GURT “Yurcash / Yurcash”! Thank you people, that always golosuvali for them: then I at the same time!
VSI mi DOS pam atama, Yak Rosicky I drive daruwala hloptsi, VSI pam atout ti records pregledi on YouTube. And has the grip on kshtalt: “Wow, that talanta us pid nose, okazuya! Assessments are given wagny!”.
VSI mi pam atama, Yak fnal pid gucn ovac m obtai vjnet CLP! Wow! Prlly! I confett of salute!!! Ale the CCB 2017, and 2020… and soon KLP VSO same NT. Well, mi “Hatco”, abi tsogo wrno chekati, Bo Bulo clear all the above then… All one vsih girl little Iskra nad scho words in our hour of toil force.
Everything was him have salicylas little t sirost, dokotilis to scho vzhe in Afri pocha Saraswati (NIN) “maskovsky” Chi “Rosicky”, buvshego our artscow-gastroler type max Barskih. And our nycrama, our Nasiri – the screen behind kulsi! Natha Saraswati?!
Cups non peredayut not hand in hand, not on Afrah, Bo W soromno digitise in Ochi for Newtonian prislon obtenci.
Ale je ray pasta, that placiti, the MOU spotlight! TSE PEOPLE) Against them papras! I TSE golosuvannya that neodnorodnoi proof! Tom, THANK you SHO VI -👏 Time – mi strength! 💪
Enter Cheste #scbedule !!!
#Yurcash #Yurcash #Peramos #Lubliniecki

Geplaatst door F. C. “Yurcash / Yurcash” op Zondag 15 december 2019

Also in the message the musicians suggested that they were not invited to the presentation of the national award because it was ashamed to look them in the eye after broken promises.

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