On YouTube showed the best memes of the year

На YouTube показали лучшие мемы уходящего года

For those who missed something.

YouTube has published its annual clip-an overview of the most fashionable memes and the biggest trends 2018. Traditionally, video was filmed with the participation of popular YouTube bloggers. Even if you are not a trend, it is still a cutscene – for positive mood, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 2plus2.ua.

The movie opens with the actor will Smith (it will be several references to throughout the movie), then come the most famous bloggers of the world YouTube. They are joined by Korean musicians and the dancing begins, and the viewer just knocked down the vortex of Easter eggs on global trends.

In particular, the current clip is different from the previous mention of everyone who cared about social issues. People who have proven that talking about mental health is normal. Who showed the natural beauty and urged not to feel ashamed of his body. Who collected money for charity.

Don’t worry, YouTube has taken care of the translation. During the titration the movie is in Ukrainian, so no word remains not clear.

The first Rewind was published six years ago in December 2012. He lasted a little more than four minutes and to date has collected 187 million views. By 2017 the timing of the annual clip inspection YouTube has increased to seven and a half minutes. Increased the number of hits – Rewind 2017 today has viewed more than 204 million times. It is not excluded that Rewind 2018 will be able to break this record.

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