“Once said…”: the leader of “Kvartal 95” honestly answered, waiting for him in politics and in the elections of Kyiv mayor

"Сразу сказал...": Кошевой из "Квартал 95" честно ответил, ждать ли его в политике и на выборах мэра Киева

today, 10:15

Dmitry Gordon in an interview with Eugene Kosh, actor Studio “Kvartal 95”, asked did Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, the state post Kosh.

"Сразу сказал...": Кошевой из "Квартал 95" честно ответил, ждать ли его в политике и на выборах мэра Киева

Mishka and Zelensky

Mishka answered the question to the interviewer: “I once said that I will not go into politics, I do not see it, I am not learned”. Gordon said that politicians now and so no one is trained on what Mishka added with a laugh: “Yes, That is the point you are now caught!”.

Then Mishka explained why he doesn’t want to go into politics, “But not mine. I show business enough. Over those years in show business… and also, not the cleanest “room”, so to say, to go to the “hall” in which the mud flows everywhere is tough.”

Not so long ago in the network appeared rumors that Eugene Mishka plans to participate in the elections of Kyiv mayor. The comedian commented on the rumors: “”Well, Yes, of course, it is understandable that people show “the Servant of the people” move into life: so, this – the defense Minister, the foreign Minister, Lena (Kravets, – ed) – head of the NBU… it’s not a movie, it’s entire adult life. Likewise with parodies of Vitali (Klitschko – ed.)”.

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Mishka added that to run for mayor of Kiev, he is going and what has already told the media about his reluctance to go into politics. Mishka said that with him, a funny thing happened: recently a friend Mishka told him that I had seen the questionnaire that was distributed near his home. On the leaflet of likely mayor of Kiev at number 8 was specified “Yevgeniy Koshevoy” party “servant of the people”. Mishka says that unknown people use his name in the questionnaires.

Earlier, the daughter of a Cossack from the 95 Quarter, TAYANNA and many others: EMOTIONS KIDS DISCO PARTY will arrange a real celebration of young Ukrainians.

Also Znayu wrote that Yuzik from “Servants of the people” explained how the choir of the Rope were placed on the stage of “Quarter-95”: “They…”.

Another Portal Znayu reported that the wife of the Cossack 95 Quarter admitted what she does: “my partner and “conjure”.

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