Once Upon a Time 2: Charming, But Not Magical

Once upon a time 2: charming, but not magical


Fifteen years after the surprise success of Once Upon a Time, Disney invites us back into this colorful universe with an unexpected sequel. And if the magic has faded along the way, the charm remains intact.

It was in 2007 that Disney introduced us to the wonderful world of Andalasia – a lively country deliberately stuffed with clichés of the genre – from which Giselle arose. Modeled on the model of cartoon princesses, our heroine was then propelled into a New York in real shots whose concrete and jaded citizens contrasted violently with her daily life in pastel shades and its animals endowed with the use of speech.  

Maya Rudolph and Amy Adams in a scene from Once Upon a Time 2.

It was there that she had, against all odds, met her “Prince Charming” (here, a lawyer played by Patrick Dempsey) with whom she is now enjoying perfect happiness. Yes, they lived happily ever after and had… a child, baby Sofia. The couple decides today to leave the American metropolis for the benefit of the suburbs.

But the adaptation will not be smooth. And when Giselle tries to use magic to soften the shock, she will certainly endanger her family, but also her whole world. 

In short, we are starting on new bases with this sequel long awaited. These new settings, characters and stakes allow Once Upon a Time 2 (or Disenchanted, in its original version) to spawn off the beaten track of its predecessor. And that's good ; because we quickly realize that the magic of the time is impossible to recreate after all these years. 

The voice of Idina Menzel

Fortunately, Amy Adams still amazes in the skin of Giselle, able to infuse her with all the candor and innocence that the character commands. Same thing for Idina Menzel; it may be once again grossly underutilized, the singer can still take advantage of her phenomenal vocal skills, a showcase of which she was deprived in the first opus. 

But we don't can't help but take a malicious pleasure in reconnecting with this colorful and incredibly charming world that we gladly forgive many of its pitfalls. 


Once Upon a Time 2 ★★★☆☆

An Adam Shankman film starring Amy Adams, Maya Rudolph and Idina Menzel. < /p>