One day away from curfew, homeless shelters nearly full

One day away from curfew, homeless shelters nearly full

With some exceptions, Montrealers will be cloistered from 8 p.m. on Saturday evening when the curfew decreed by Quebec comes into effect. But what about the homeless?

The issue has spread – across the province, of course – much ink, especially in urban areas, such as Montreal, where the number of refuges is close to the point of saturation.

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“We’re at about 95 percent of capacity, so five percent play isn’t a lot,” Mayor Valérie Plante explained Friday on LCN.

“Not knowing what the next few days will be like (with the cold and the curfew), I would tell you that there are beds left, but not many …”

Mayor Plante assures us, however, that the City is proactive in this matter so that the draconian curfew does not cause other problems.

“We are already in preparation to open new places. We don’t want people to be outside. ”

Last November, with the Notre-Dame camp which resisted in the east of the city, some 6,000 people were homeless in Montreal in the midst of a pandemic. Two months later, the mayor struggles to draw up a precise assessment of homeless people in the metropolis.

“Sometimes during the winter the number can sometimes change. People can decide to be in a relationship. I am thinking, among other things, of women who will say “I prefer to be in a relationship even if I don’t have a great relationship” so as not to be on the streets in winter.

“Lots of factors like that can play a role. We still think that we did not go (from 6000) to 3000 in a few months. It has certainly increased. ”

Regarding the effectiveness of a curfew, the mayor would like Montrealers to make the necessary efforts so that the situation returns to normal in the hospital network.

“It’s extremely worrying to see the number of beds reaching capacity,” she admits. If the hospital network can no longer keep up, this is where there will be choices that we do not want to make.

“The message is that even if we are tired, breathless by COVID, we absolutely have to give all our energy collectively. We don’t know who COVID can strike. ”

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