One extra: Loboda shocked fans foot with six toes, a unique photo

Один лишний: Лобода шокировала фанатов ногой с шестью пальцами, уникальное фото

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today, 13:38

The famous singer Svetlana Loboda is actively own Instagram page and often pleases fans of different photos, and sometimes videos. So, this time the celebrity has posted a highly unique photo, which shocked not only fans of the stars, but all of Ukraine.

So, Loboda posted a photograph of her hands holding the leg in open sandals and tries to lick. Though not shocked supporters, but something else under the sandals clearly show that at the foot of the singer not five, but six fingers.

Один лишний: Лобода шокировала фанатов ногой с шестью пальцами, уникальное фото

A screenshot of the message

In the comments under the article immediately there was a heated discussion seen: some argue that it is innate, and it is with the sixth finger of a lifetime, and others say it can be an error during the processing of the photos.

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Recall, while Loboda entertained before the concert, people were cold: “What a mess, half an hour standing on the street.”

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Loboda has released a new video with daughter me, was really exciting, in which the girl let slip about the new addition to the family. Eva says this phrase: “Waiting for brother”. Then Loboda tells the child: “So quiet.”

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that Loboda boasted funny dance videos, inviting fans to repeat the movements.

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