One more step towards the obligation of wearing a mask in Quebec

Un pas de plus vers l’obligation du port du masque au Québec

Concerned about the construction holidays to come and the releases of the last few days, Dr. Horacio Arruda is moving closer to a tax on the covers face in enclosed public places in Quebec.

“We have always said that we would go step by step. It has always been said that we preferred to convince before force, but with what I see currently, I would say that the balance is being tipped towards action, ” said the national director of public health, this morning, during an interview with Pierre Nantel on the waves of QUB radio.

In addition, during another interview at Radio-Canada, Mr. Arruda has clarified its position by suggesting that he will recommend that “early enough” to make the mask mandatory in enclosed public places throughout Quebec.

“There will come a time… soon enough “, he says without wanting to reveal more.

Mr. Arruda wants to send a message “very hard for the population that we can not tolerate” the releases, as the private parties that occurred this weekend in the Montérégie region that have led to outbreaks and closures of businesses.

The national director of public Health is also concerned about the holidays that are approaching very quickly.

“If you go for example in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, where there has been little case, out of respect for the population, hold your two feet away and put on your mask, – urges-t-it.

An announcement shortly

According to his words, the government will have to make decisions shortly. “This is not up to me to make the announcement, but my recommendations are in the process currently towards the authorities “, he made it known yesterday during a visit to Joliette, in the Lanaudière region.

In the balance-of-cons, the national director of public Health is concerned about the perverse effects of the coercion.

“I am sure that the day that we will announce it, if it had been announced, there will be people who will oppose it. Make something mandatory, this is never something enjoyable “, he highlighted.

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