One of the authors of the script “Aquaman” write ego sequel

Один из соавторов сценария «Аквамена» напишет его сиквел

David Leslie Johnson, who wrote the “Aquaman” together with will bill, work on the sequel of the blockbuster superhero

At the moment, “Aquaman” earned $ 1.1 billion worldwide.

Earlier adaptations of DC comics have managed to overcome the threshold of 1 billion dollars in global taxes only thanks to the films of Christopher Nolan about Batman.

David Leslie Johnson also worked on the script of the film “Child of darkness”, “Spell 2” “Spell 3”.

“Aquaman” became the eighth superhero movie, join the “club of billionaires”. Ninth, if you count the cartoon Disney and Pixar’s “the Incredibles 2”. The first five positions hold pictures and Disney Marvel Studios: “Avengers: infinity War” (2,048 billion), “the Avengers” (1,519), “the Black Panther” (1,347), “Iron man 3” (1,215) and “the First avenger: the Confrontation” (1,153).

To Aquaman the most successful screen adaptation of DC postolovsky era was the film “Batman V Superman: tax justice” (873,6 million dollars).

In the Russian hire “Aquaman” was released on 13 December. Starring Jason Momoa, amber heard, William Defoe, Patrick Wilson.

Recently it became known that in addition to the sequel, Warner is working on spin-offs, who will talk about deep-sea monsters that appeared in the first film. The script of the film will be written by Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald. The film is expected to be a bias in horror.

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