One of the “founding fathers” of the Internet addressed to users

Один из "отцов-основателей" интернета обратился к пользователям

The British physicist published a message.One of the founding fathers of the Internet, British physicist Tim Berners-Lee warns the public about the dangers of the abuse of the Internet, reports the with reference to DW.

Speaking about the need to make the Internet accessible for everyone, Berners-Lee noted that the gap between those of us who are online, and other people increases with each new site.

The researcher emphasized the danger of abuse of the opportunities offered by a global computer network.

“While the Network has created new opportunities, has given a voice to marginalized groups and made our lives easier, it also gave new opportunities for fraud, has given a voice to those who sow hatred, and made easier the Commission of crimes,” said Berners-Lee in an open letter, published in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and signed, “sir Tim”.

“If we cease to work on creating a better Internet, not the Network will lose us, and we lose the Network,” he said.

30 years ago, a physicist and Explorer of the computers Berners-Lee, working at CERN, proposed a new principle for working with information within the institution. It is believed that this document laid the theoretical basis for the creation of the Internet.

“It was a vision that changed society and our perception of how we receive information and unite us all in a global network”, – said Director General of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti, speaking in Geneva on Tuesday, March 12.

According She said about four billion people, representing more than half of the population currently have Internet access. The total number of sites in the Network is two billion.


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