One of the worst bridges will eventually be rebuilt

Un des pires ponts sera finalement reconstruit

Quebec will eventually rebuild one of the worst bridges in the province, which is in a state so wretched that it must be supported by étayages metal temporary.

The ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) announced on Monday that the reconstruction of the overpass of the freeway 520 which crosses 55th Avenue, Dorval, on the island of Montreal, from Monday next.

The work will last nearly two years, until 2022, and will result in partial closures or complete the highway 520 over the next few months.

34 000 vehicles per day

Last July, this bridge overpass was included in the sad list of the worst structures of its kind in Québec, compiled by our Bureau of investigation. In the interview, the mayor of Dorval, Edgar Rouleau, was impatient to see it rebuilt.

Cracks of shear have been observed on the structure.

There is also water infiltration and rust.

“If your coffee cup is full, you risk to have on your pants “, telling it to illustrate a passage in the car on the structure built in 1966.

Because of the pillars temporary installed to support the overpass on which to spend 34 000 vehicles per day, the City had to restrict to a single lane traffic on 55th Avenue.

A fire alternative allows for two years for vehicles to circulate under the structure, but this causes disadvantages for the businesses and industries of the sector.

In addition, a tract was cut off on the service road of the A520 to reduce the total weight of vehicles that may circulate at the same time on the bridge.

In two steps

The MTQ will proceed in two steps for the demolition and then the reconstruction of this structure.

“The rebuilding of the bridges of the roads in both directions will be carried out in a first time. The work of reconstruction of the overpass lanes will be made by the following, ” describes the ministry.

Since it will be impossible to pass under the highway 520 during the project, the department will offer a free shuttle service or a taxi 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7 for pedestrians and cyclists. Québec stated that it would be “extremely dangerous” for these users to attempt to move on the fast track to the cross.

A temporary detour will also be constructed for motorists.

At their last full inspection of the bridge, in July 2019, the engineers of the department have noted the risk of falling fragments of concrete. They also noted the presence of disturbing cracks shear on the outer sides of the book.

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