One Quebecer in two will not go to the restaurant anytime soon

The conservators are not at the end of their sentences. As well as among the most willing in the country to return to the restaurant, more than half of Quebecers have, on the contrary, the intention not to attend for reasons of health.

According to a study conducted by the University of Dalhousie, obtained by The Journal, 53 % of Quebecers consider that some restaurants have higher risks to their health and support as a result want to avoid hanging out with them.

Un Québécois sur deux n’ira pas au resto de sitôt

Sylvain Charlebois

When questioned about this that feeds their fears, 6 Quebec on 10 speak of the physical layout of the premises. And one-quarter of them mentioned their ” reputation in matters of food safety “.

Professor Sylvain Charlebois, co-author of the study with the firm Angus Reid, believes that these figures show how much Quebecers has a way of shaping their aspirations for a” dose of realism “.

“Yes, they want to get out. But they are torn between their need to socialize and their rational side that tells them that things will not be as before. That said, I think the terraces will not be empty long. “

Quebec more eager

Although hesitant, the Québécois are paradoxically more eager to get back to patronize the restaurants. One quarter of them say they want to go ” as soon as possible “, compared to 18 % in the country.

Ontarians are more fearful. Only 15 % want to resume their habits, ” the sooner possible “, and 43 per cent expect to even wait for the end of a second wave of the virus before daring to return to the restaurant.

Less fearful, only one-quarter of Quebecers expect the end of a possible second wave this fall. The canadian average in this regard amounted to 33 %.

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