One (small) step closer to the future joint hospital of Millau and Saint-Affrique

One (small) step closer to the future joint hospital of Millau and Saint-Affrique

L’intersyndicale de l’hôpital de Millau devrait, très prochainement, organiser une réunion publique. Midi Libre – A.DELBOUIS

D’ici la fin de ce mois d'avril sera signé un groupement de coopération sanitaire pour le bâtimentaire. "Chaque hôpital garde son conseil de surveillance et ses moyens médicaux" assure Emmanuelle Gazel, maire de Millau. 

e soap opera of the future common hospital – and that of the continuity of the hospital centers of Millau and Saint-Affrique – keeps bouncing. Latest episode to date: the creation of a GCS (health cooperation group). "The structure will oversee the two hospitals at the economic level and will probably be put in place next week ," unfolds Henri Célié of the Manifesto for the defense of the hospitals of South Aveyron. "The decision-making body of this structure will be composed of supervisory boards of the two hospitals." Which boards are chaired by the mayors of the two municipalities: Sébastien David (Saint-Affrique) and Emmanuelle Gazel (Millau).

"Each hospital keeps its own supervisory board and medical resources"

The latter confirms the constitution of this GCS "for the end of April. It will be a health cooperation group of means, a legal entity to carry out the building project of the future common hospital." Emmanuelle Gazel insists on the additional character of this novelty . "Each hospital keeps its supervisory board and its medical resources." In the meantime, in Millau as in Saint-Affrique , worry competes with anxiety. Last Friday, around a hundred caregivers gathered in front of the Millavois hospital. With speeches, in particular from the inter-union (Sud santé and CGT), on the possible closure, in the long term, of the biology laboratory mentioned as a line of reflection by the ARS Occitanie during the Copil (steering committee) of March 2.

A public meeting organized in Millau by the hospital inter-union association

Questioned by Midi Libre, Benoît Durand, director of the Millau and Saint-Affrique hospitals, announced answers on this subject at the new Copil organized this Monday, April 8 in the morning. &amp ;quot;The hospital community will then have them."
The fact remains that, this Tuesday, April 9, in a joint press release, the inter-union of the Millau hospital, expressed its regret "d’ an absence of transparency in the meetings of the steering committee of the joint hospital made up of the prefecture, the ARS (Regional Health Agency, Editor's note), the mayors, the presidents of CME (medical commissions of establishments, Editor's note) and the management of the Millau and Saint-Affrique hospitals."

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"We had asked the Mayor of Millau and the director of the hospital to participate in the Copil on April 8. We were turned down. We deplore being always kept away from decisions that impact the future of the common hospital, the inhabitants of South Aveyron and hospital staff." < /em>The inter-union should, very soon, announce a date and place for a public meeting in Millau. This meeting will echo that organized on the evening of April 2 in Saint-Affrique. Five hundred people attended.

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