One-third of dentists do not open their doors Monday

If two-thirds of dentists say they are ready to resume partially or completely their activities as of Monday, a third of them will not be able to accommodate patients according to a survey of more than 2200 members, indicates the Order of dentists of Quebec.

The reopening of the clinics will be progressive and gradual to ensure the safety of patients and workers, stressed Dr. Guy Lafrance, president of the College.

“Can’t wait to start again Monday. It will be already 12 weeks as the treatments are stopped and postponed. There are treatments that were not urgent who are become simply by the effect of time. Priority will be given to emergencies “, he explains.

Necessary to the security

According to the survey, it is the lack of availability of protective equipment and ventilation requirements which have hampered the re-opening of several clinics.

“We are in a period of pandemic. This is not an ordinary period, and it is necessary to take extraordinary means “, says Dr. Lafrance, who considers that the guidelines of government are necessary to ensure the safety of all.

It is estimated that the need for additional equipment may incur charges, depending on the complexity of the treatment.

What to expect?

As of Monday, the appointment will be by telephone to check in advance if the patient has symptoms of the Covid-19, ” says Dr. Lafrance.

“It will take people to be honest […] If they have signs or symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment for two weeks for people to be in good health at this time,” he continued.

Once on site, the objective will be to minimize to the greatest extent possible waiting in the room, adds the president.

“We’re going to ask people to arrive on time to their appointment, so that they can be brought directly into the treatment room. It will also need to wash their hands entering and exiting the clinic, either with purell, either with soap and water, ” says-t it.

Inside, people will have to walk around with a cover face, which will be provided by the clinic if the patient was not on him. The latter will need to rinse the mouth for the first time on entering the operating room, to reduce the amount of microbes present in the mouth.

The least number of droplets possible

Dentists will have to prioritize the techniques causing the least amount of droplet as possible, ” says Dr. Guy Lafrance. It could be that they use including a seawall, that is to say, a sheet of rubber that is placed in the mouth to isolate a tooth, to help create the aerosol.

“The dentists will wear more protective equipment. It will not be surprising to see people, depending on the complexity of the treatment, wear gowns, face shields and masks. The uniform of the professional will change, ” he concludes.

Devices filtration should also refresh the air regularly, as recommended by the government.

The Ordre des dentistes du Québec has over 5 430 dentists.

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