OnePlus has announced a 5G phone

OnePlus анонсировала 5G-телефон

Appeared the first details ofnext year is expected to appear on the market several models of 5G phones. In particular, operators Verizon and AT&T already announced that in 2019 will offer its subscribers a mobile device made by Samsung that supports 5G network, reports the with reference to Toneto.

About plans to release in the first half of 2019 5G phone reported, and the company OnePlus. But for the first time the company has officially confirmed its intentions. CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau (Pete Lau) told journalists some details about the company’s plans regarding the upcoming release of new products.

As it became known, 5G-production OnePlus phone will appear in the portfolio of EE, one of the largest operators in Europe. Lo also said that the device will feature the newly announced Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm, which is expected to be used in many flagship smartphones in 2019.

As with announcements operators Verizon and AT&T, in a statement the head of OnePlus was not provided additional details about the upcoming 5G-smartphone. We only know that it will appear on the market until 30 June 2019. Pete Lo did not even bother to clarify whether it is 7 or OnePlus novelty will give another name.

In an interview with the resource Engadget, the General Director of OnePlus promised that he would do everything possible to make the first 5G phone company was available to customers for less than $1000. This means that OnePlus will be able to offer access to ultrahigh speed data transfer for less than the cost of a standard flagship smartphone of 2018 release.

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