Online Commerce: the pandemic is an advantage for the second hand market

Commerce en ligne: la pandémie profite au marché de seconde main

MONTREAL – The sale and purchase of items used seem to have gained popularity during the confinement caused by the COVID-19, while several shops were forced to close their doors.

The web site of classified ads Kijiji has in particular noticed a significant increase in traffic on its pages.

“According to our internal data, visits in April, had climbed to $ 142 million, an increase of 9 % compared to march”, a summary Kent Sikstrom, director of community relations for Kijiji Canada.

The isolation has caused many people to do housework or to rethink their decor.

Isabelle Clement is an interior decorator and she handles the alley in the living room, a page Facebook finds old followed by over 35 000 users. Inactive for the first two months of the pandemic, his page was finally returned to service in mid-may.

“I have not noticed any decrease [in the number of listings of used items on Facebook Marketplace]. On the contrary, what I notice, rather it is a resurgence”, she said.

It must be said that most of the shops where you can buy furniture and everyday objects have been closed for two months, which could push people to turn to the used.

“I have, for example, received a lot of requests for a desktop IKEA that I had announced myself. People have told me that they need it for home work”, said Ms. Clement.

Video games and bicycles

Some items were also more popular than in normal times. On Gumtree, the responses to advertisements in video games have experienced a leap of 104 % between 12 march and 8 April compared to the previous month.

For bicycles, the rate has climbed 134 %, since many people have more free time to devote to physical activity or wish to avoid public transport for fear of the contagion risk.

Beatrice Gaudreault, a client is very active on the platform during the containment, has found itself.

“The bikes go really fast. They find takers in two seconds. He must hurry, he must be really ready to go looking for it on-the-field”, she said.

A turn of web which is required

The pandemic has forced Roger Samné, manager of the centre of furniture and objects used EcoDepot in the borough of Lachine, to reinvent itself. He and his team have completely changed their approaches to marketing: now, they are no longer limited to in-store sales.

“It was reopened there may be a month for online sales, so that people can call us on the phone and purchase items that we put on our page on Facebook. It is known that, for us, it would make a pivot to a real shop [online]”, he stressed.

“It’s been a long time that it was on our list of things to do. It was our big goal for the past two or three years to rotate to the web and do business online. The pandemic has accelerated the realisation of this project to have a transactional site”, he added.

Remember that the retail stores with a door to the outside could not re-open until may 25, in the Greater Montreal area, after two months of closure, and that the malls are still closed.

The sale of used objects between individuals has never been formally prohibited, provided that you comply with the measures of social distancing.

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