Online sales continue to be popular

Les ventes en ligne continuent d’être populaires

With the re-opening physical bookstores, Shannon Desbiens believed that online sales were to decrease. This is not the case at all.

“It was the broue in the forelock “, dropped the book trade Booksellers, Chicoutimi.

The increase of online orders continues, even if the library was able to open its doors on may 4.

“There are a few less commands, but they are larger in quantity. It is not uncommon to receive orders for seven or eight pounds, ” he noted, during a phone interview.

Five full-time employees work on the floor.

“It is facing a beautiful problem. You need to respond to customers who come and also prepare the orders that continue to arrive in large numbers by the transactional site “, has he said.

The library which belongs to Laval Martel and Guy Martin didn’t take him long to find his customers.

“We have days that are quite exceptional where it is not fading. We are even surprised at the end of the day when we see the sales, ” said Shannon Desbiens, who is a bookseller in this place since 11 years.

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The bookstore is located on the rue Racine, who has seen the light of day in 1979, has changed a bit in the way we do because of the current situation.

Only one of the two access doors to the trade is open to the public and people should wash their hands upon entering and exiting.

“Clients are complying with the majority of the rules of estrangement in place. The library is very large and it would have a lot of people for it to become problematic. A layout has been put in place to foster this distancing upon payment of all purchases to the fund. A table has been installed and it becomes a natural obstacle that prevents people from coming, ” explained Shannon Desbiens.

Quebec literature is experiencing a nice period of time. Your dead to me David Goudreault, Kukum Michel Jean, life is not a race of Leah Stréliski, The Diver Stéphane Larue are part of the good vendors of the re-opening of the bookstore, The Booksellers.

“There is also a large demand for the Trajectory of the confetti of Marie-Eve Thuot, which won the prix des libraires. The novel is currently in reprint, ” said the bookseller, which is in the process of reading He preferred the burn of Rose-Aimée Fall T. Morin.

The suggestions of Shannon

Maus | Art Spiegelman


The consciousness of Éliah | Guy Lalancette


The Diver | Stéphane Larue


The truth about the affair Harry Québert | Joël Dicker


The goddess flies to fire | Geneviève Pettersen


* You can purchase books in the booksellers independent through the site

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