Online scams: Ève-Marie Lortie victim of false publications touting weight loss products

Online scams: Ève-Marie Lortie victim of fake publications touting weight loss products


After Michel Charette, Katherine Levac and Ariane Moffatt, host Ève-Marie Lortie, Nathalie Simard and nutrition doctor Isabelle Huot are the new victims of scams related to weight loss products on the internet.  

Fraudsters appropriate their public image to try to sell supposedly miracle products. 

“It upsets me and hurts me,” says Ève-Marie Lortie. It does not exist, pills that make you lose weight. How many people don't take the time to write to me and get scammed giving out their credit card number? I made updates on my pages, an interview with Gino Chouinard at Salut Bonjour on this subject, but it continues. 

Every day, for almost a year, the host of Salut Bonjour Weekend receives a dozen private messages from people in the public asking her for details on the diet pills whose effectiveness she would praise on the internet. 

She makes a point of answering them to warn people that these advertisements are fraudulent publications using her image against her will.  

With Nathalie Simard

“Initially, she relates, it was a long text written in the “I”, as if I had written it myself, accompanied by photos of me taken on my social networks, explains the presenter at Journal. It's so well done that if you don't take the time to question yourself, you get screwed. It's not the fault of the people who are being had, I understand that one can believe that these publications are true. »

Another false advertisement presents her with the singer Nathalie Simard, as if the two personalities were allied to extol the benefits of these weight loss pills. Which is absolutely not the case.

Complaint to the police

Last fall, Ève-Marie Lortie filed a complaint with Quebec police. In her statement, she explained that her identity had been stolen for fraudulent purposes of selling so-called weight-loss products. She asks people who see these kinds of posts to report them to Facebook.  

By contacting comedian Michel Charette to find out how he got out of this same situation last year, the latter revealed to the host that he never really got out of it.  

“The web is a snake that slips out of your hands, says the one who refuses to give up for all that . Yes, there are crimes that are more important, but I'm tired of being told that the web is not serious. This is very serious. You have to be vigilant.”