Only 4 out of 10 people support the tramway in Quebec

Only 4 out of 10 people support the tramway in Quebec


A new Léger poll, commissioned by the City of Quebec, reveals a drop in support for the tramway project, which now stands at 41%.  

More than one in two people (52%) disapprove of the project in the capital. The results of this new sounding, carried out online with 500 respondents from the Léger panel between January 15 and 18, were broadcast for the first time by FM93 on Monday noon.  

The City of Quebec, which will take stock of the progress of the project on Tuesday, must react at the beginning of the afternoon today by means of a press release.  

Support for the tramway project has never been so low, in all polls, in the past. A more recent survey carried out by the same firm, on behalf of the City of Lévis, rather indicated a support of 52% last August among the population of Quebec.  

The results may surprise the Marchand administration, elected by promoting the tramway project. Good second in the ballot by a few hundred votes, the runner-up to the former mayor Régis Labeaume, Marie-Josée Savard, also promised to put a tram on the rails from 2028.  

Surprisingly, 43% of respondents say they are little or not familiar with the project, which has been widely talked about in recent years, particularly during the last election campaign.  

Opponents of the $3.3 billion project (which could possibly even reach nearly $4 billion) believe, at a rate of 62%, that the tramway is simply not not the right type of vehicle for Quebec or that buses are enough, reports FM93.  

The increase in traffic congestion (38%) and the cost of the megaproject (35%) are also reasons cited by opponents, as is the cutting of trees (19%).  

More details to come…  


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