Only two insurers cover the COVID-19 for travellers

Seuls deux assureurs couvrent la COVID-19 pour les voyageurs

Since a few days, Québec Blue Cross and Ontario, as well as Medipac cover the COVID-19 in their travel insurance products.

Blue cross offer since 22 July, Medipac, popular with snowbirds, canadians, since the 6. To our knowledge, all other insurers exclude the COVID of their covers for travel.

COVID-19 in Florida

For example, if you get the COVID in France or Florida, and you spend a week hooked up to a respirator in intensive care, this will be at your expense if you are not insured by Blue Cross or Medipac.

“It invites travellers to follow the advice of the government to avoid all non-essential travel to the country, but some people do not have the choice of taking the plane for family reasons or professional. They just have to be aware of the risks, ” says Josiane Cousineau, head of public relations at Blue Cross of Quebec.

“It is believed that canadian travellers, especially the snowbirds, will massively adhere to the distancing and physical protection measures “, such as the mask, says Christopher Davidge, spokesman for Medipac Travel Insurance.

“They will join not with the crowds on the beaches or in the theme parks, but wisely remain at home or go to the supermarket, what they are doing already anyway. Medipac does not consider the COVID as a significant risk. “

Coverage and price

The two insurers are offering their standard products. For $ 59 additional, the coverage increased from two to five million dollars in Medipac. Blue cross has added a codicil free of charge, which includes a few details related to COVID.

“It is a huge relief for the travel industry : the people do not have to worry about losing their shirt if they are infected and hospitalized abroad for the COVID,” says the Moscow Side, president of the Association of travel agents of Quebec. “These days, the vast majority of people who take the plane to visit friends or family. “

Mr. smith warns that in the case of a warning of return to the country by the federal government, while you are staying abroad, you will need to return within the prescribed time limit, beyond which the insurance no longer valid.


  • The travel insurance covers such expenses or repatriation for medical emergency, as well as some living expenses for you and a travel companion. In the event of hospitalisation, the insurer reserves the right to repatriate or not by air-ambulance, according to your medical condition.
  • You’re not insurable if you have been diagnosed or if you have symptoms of COVID-19 before leaving.
  • If you cancel your departure, the medical part of travel insurance is refundable without fees.
  • If you refuse a travel credit of an air carrier or if you cancel your trip because of COVID-19, the insurer will not reimburse you.
  • Inclusions and exclusions vary depending on the destination, duration and cost of travel and insurance. Ask for explanations to the insurer or to the tour operator.
  • On your return, you will be required to remain confined at home for 15 days (the authorities check if you comply with this quarantine).

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