Ontario schools will re-open in September

Les écoles de l'Ontario rouvriront en septembre

Ontario announced Thursday afternoon its plan in view of the reopening of schools, scheduled for the month of September.

Thus, all the primary schools in the province will re-open according to “a mode of regular operation”. This means that students in junior kindergarten to grade 8 will be able to return to school five days per week.

“The parents will continue to have the option not to send their children to school,” stated the press release.

For secondary schools (9th to 12th grade), some schools will “open according to a model adapted” as a function of school boards designated by the province.

The cohorts should be limited to approximately 15 students, with the aim of limiting the contacts between students in a bubble of a hundred people.

The schedule of days of instruction will also be reduced by half.

To compensate for the reduced hours during “days of distance learning, independent work linked to the curriculum will be assigned to students of secondary schools with use of a suitable template”.

The secondary schools not designated will be able to resume their activities according to a regular operation.

However, several sanitary measures must now be applied, and the wearing of the mask will be required in closed spaces. This rule is for students in grades 4 to 12.

For the lower levels – from kindergarten to grade 3; the wearing of the mask will be recommended, but not required.

On the other hand, the personal protective equipment will be provided to the school staff.

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