Ontario street will be pedestrianised from the 2nd of July

La rue Ontario sera piétonne dès le 2 juillet

MONTREAL – After the avenue du Mont-Royal, it is the turn of a long section of Ontario street to become a pedestrian in full pandemic COVID-19.

The borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough has decided to restore the street to passers-by from 2 July to 8 September, between the street Darling and the boulevard Pie-IX.

It was preferred to wait until after the 1st of July, the date of the traditional festival of the removals.

The artery of trade will also be the subject of a project-laboratory of design, a first in Montreal in the framework of the health crisis. It is an initiative of the Bureau du design of the Ville de Montréal, which allows to provide professional support to the borough, has told Saturday, by press release.

Thus, the objective of the project-laboratory is to articulate solutions to design innovative and creative so that the distance physics is necessary in order to curb the contamination of the disease coronavirus.

Like other commercial streets in montreal, the Ontario street could enjoy a part of the stimulus package of $ 5.6 million to stimulate economic activity and support the traders.

“This project piétonnisation is part of the desire of the district to rethink the public space in order to promote compliance with the instructions of distancing issued by public health on Ontario street and provide a retail area lively and animated. We facilitate the ability of restaurant owners to accommodate more clients through the construction of terraces,” said the mayor of the borough, Pierre Lessard-Blais.

The piétonnisation will happen in two phases. The first, from 2 July, will be the development of cafes-terraces expanded. As early as 20 July, the multidisciplinary team retained by the design Bureau of Montreal will work hard to develop a transitional arrangement, with a budget of $ 350,000, of which 85 750 $ as a professional services contract.

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