Ontario takes its distances of We Charity

The government Ford, in Ontario, will not renew a contract given to We Charity, the controversial charity that puts on the harness, the Trudeau government for a month.

The government of the province’s most populous country has confirmed the information to Global News on Friday, but has not specified what program it was.

We know, however, that the contract had been awarded by the ministry of Education, which has also been mandated to investigate the spending that has caused this collaboration.

“We are deeply concerned and troubled by the allegations against WE. It is taxpayers ‘ money. People who work hard in this province deserve to know that their money is profitable, and these allegations raise serious questions”, one can read in the statement sent to Global News.

It could be the program We Schools, a program of$ 250,000 established by We Charity to stimulate the empathy of the students, with a focus on school engagement and extracurricular activities in the community and in the world.

We Schools, which is far from being the first partnership between the ontario government and the charity, based in Toronto, was announced by the ministry of Education in ontario in mid-June, just a week before the outbreak of the scandal in Ottawa.

At the end of June, we learned that We Charity had obtained the mandate without a call for proposals to manage a federal program of scholarships supposed to reward volunteerism among students in this period of a pandemic. Since then, it has not stopped to learn about the ties that bind the clan Trudeau, the family of the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, and We Charity (UNITED in French).

The contract has been cancelled, but scandal continues to make the Trudeau government on the defensive.

On Thursday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau reiterated before the standing Committee on finance that he had nothing to reproach himself for in this story and that he had even asked for further checks on this contract, anticipating the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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