ONUKA showed looked like in childhood

ONUKA показала, как выглядела в детстве

Nata zhyzhchenko shared archival frame.

Ukrainian singer, soloist of the popular Ukrainian electro-folk group ONUKA Nata zhyzhchenko showed how it looked in childhood. On his page in Instagram singer published the archive, the Chronicle reports.info with reference for Today.

Black and white baby photo, which is quite small Nata zhyzhchenko posing with a pipe, the artist was accompanied by an emotional text:

“What a joy to have something that returns back to itself when you’re lost. Or constant your own personal space-time continuum. Or even a magic wand, to put it simply. Remember the lines written by the grandfather: “Bula sobi typical glca, Chi z of busine, Chi z Kalyny… the I axis is already zvuciti sopilka, and sound , in the world Lena!”. I would like to thank my family, fate and circumstance, things are going exactly as is, and I’m me,” wrote Nata zhyzhchenko.

Note, the co-author of the project ONUKA is the husband of Nata zhyzhchenko, Eugene Filatov. The musician also has his solo project the Maneken. In addition, Evgeny Filatov is a member of the jury of the national selection for “Eurovision”.

ONUKA показала, как выглядела в детстве


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