OnVousÉcoute gives false hope to the angels of health

OnVousÉcoute donne de faux espoirs pour des anges de la santé

Health care workers who have complained of the irregular situations in the middle of the box e-mail put in place by the government note with disappointment that Quebec can not intervene with their employer.

The clinical nurse Natalie Stake-Doucet has written to the ministry of Health and social Services (MSSS) via the anonymous service OnVousÉcoute, because his boss asked him to work in a hot zone (where there are patients with the COVID-19) and then in a cold area during the same work shift.

“You sold us this email telling us that the situations that it might turn to be dealt with. Finally, it receives as answer that the MINISTRY cannot intervene in the circles [of work] “, she says.

The ministry does not intervene

A week after its launch, on may 16, OnVousÉcoute had received 2226 reports.

A social worker from the integrated Centre of health and social services of Laval wrote for a similar reason.

“The minister [of Health], Danielle McCann, repeated [the show] is All about that movement between hot and cold zones were to be avoided,” reports one that has also received a generic reply stating that the ministry could not intervene.

“I am disappointed, angry, and I feel even more alone than before,” she says.

Another social worker believes that the project started from a good intention.

“The reality is that we were told that the MINISTRY cannot do anything to resolve our situation,” says the one who reported a controlled management of the personal protective equipment (PPE), when it assures him that there is no shortage.

“It is the responsibility of each institution to ensure the proper distribution of PPE at its disposal […] “, she received as a response.

Break the omertà

According to Natalie Stake-Doucet, it is necessary to prohibit the imposition of sanctions for workers who speak to the media.

“We are told that it is to protect the privacy of patients. The code of ethics dictates already strict rules, and we are able to use our judgment on this obligation. As long as we will not have the right to speak to the media, one can repeat a million times that the omertà is over, but this will not be true, ” said the nurse clinician.

The DHSS has not responded to our interview request.

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