Open at least the terraces, say owners

Ouvrez au moins les terrasses, implorent des propriétaires

While the weather settles down quietly, owners and managers of resto-bars in Quebec don’t understand that the government Legault does not always allow not the opening of the terraces.

“The more imperative is to reopen the terraces, observing social distancing. I do not understand that it has not already been announced. We tolerate alcohol in the parks, but they don’t in a terrace!!! It is taxes that are lost. This is money that does not roll “, exclaimed Bertrand of the’epinay, general manager of the brasserie, Italian Portofino, located on the road to the Church, in Sainte-Foy.

According to him, ” it is more than time that the government began to announce plans for intervention. We are completely under the impression that it is the great forgotten of this process déconfinement. We don’t know anything. It is sure that one is not happy “.

Referring to the relatively low number of positive cases to the COVID-19 in the region of the Capitale-Nationale region, Mr. of the’epinay calls for the all restaurateurs to “work together” and ” put pressure to have some information on the how and the when “.

Risk of closure

The Salons d’edgar, in Saint-Roch, the owner Lionel Bad was busy Monday to reorganize its bistro gourmet in view of a possible déconfinement.

The latter did not, however, mystery of the anxiety that drives it. “We are forced to endure. There was no other alternative. We arrive out of breath, then that it’s been over two months that we are closed. If one does not open within a month, there are big chances that you put the key under the door “, he alarmed.

If he remains confident for the portion of restaurant of its establishment, the latter is not much hope for a possible rapid reopening of the side bar.

“With measures of distance, we will be able to still have a small activity at the restaurant, he believes. But for the bar, it is almost impossible. After a while, people mix in one way or another. “

Optimist and philosopher

On the side of the bar Ninkasi, on the rue Saint-Jean, the owner, Mathieu Cloutier wanted to be in spite of everything optimistic, and philosopher.

“The fact that we have nothing, that is not the most pleasant. But it does not change large-thing in the last week “, he first dropped.

Mr. Cloutier provides that the government will reduce, in a first time, the ability of the bar.

“We might be able to go from 100 % capacity to 50 %. I imagine that it will also prohibit the sale at the counter. Since the beginning, my guess is that it will reopen on 15 June. I hope I’m not mistaken. “

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