Open his portfolio to the 80’s and 90’s

Ouvrir son portefeuille aux années 80 et 90

I have owned about a hundred cars in my life. A few new ones, but mainly on the models used. Sometimes, it was true minounes, or cars bought at low prices for resale, which allowed me to younger me pay small vacation without great effort.

However, in most cases, I bought by passion. Because the model appealed to me or because I knew that with a little attention, I knew that I could completely change his appearance.

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Alas, being young, several cars were out of my reach. I would, perhaps, not had to spend so much in the arcades, it is true, but it remains that at the time, I could only dream of the Celica GT-S, Honda Prelude, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Porsche 944 and a Ford Mustang 5.0 that I met on the road while I was driving my poor Toyota Tercel.

Today, these cars challenge me as always. Believe it or not, I have a lot more fun to drive a Honda CRX Si 1991 (108 horses) that a Mercedes-AMG C43 385 horses.

The fact of driving a vehicle that is light, agile and most importantly, without electronics, so that the sense of control is disproportionately larger. And then, no need to drive at 200 km/h to get feelings with these cars. They give you happiness from the very first spins of the wheel.

I will admit that the cars of today are often outstanding, but they pass, alas, hardly an emotion mechanics to their driver. Think about all of these cars sport that amplify artificially and grossly the sound of the exhaust, often even fictitious. These cars are high-performance (especially German) that sin by a period of reaction caused by a electronic accelerator ineffective. Think of the weight which has nearly doubled in 25 years. And, of course, think of these boxes are sequential, dual clutch, oh so powerful, but that are downright misrepresent the real pleasure of driving.

Recently, I was conversing with an enthusiast who has had to stick with it for 30 minutes with a salesman at Porsche, who was doing everything for him to pass a Boxster PDK rather than a manual. The buyer himself has turned his back, crossed at the concession of the other side, to buy the car he wanted.

No, my little CRX Si with 108 horses is not air-conditioned. It is devoid of the power steering, and has as an accessory electric sunroof. A tin roof! So, no windows, and power mirrors, or cruise control. Three pedals, two seats, a steering wheel, a manual hand brake (bad pleonasm!), for a weight of 880 pounds. And believe me, the sound is exhilarating, this small four-cylinder does not come from the speakers.

This CRX is part of a microcollection of cars that made me dream in my youth and that I bought over the years. There is also a Mazda Miata, a Toyota Supra and a Volkswagen Corrado. Cars are generally made to brew to the utmost, which are often found crashed against a tree, which have been stolen, and yes, which have sometimes caused death. Because unlike the cars of today, safety in both active and passive was rather limited at the time.

As much as I search, however, is still the one that made me dream since my young age. A Volkswagen Rabbit GTI 1983-1984. A car and simple, producing only 90 horsepower, but which has literally invented the category of compact sport. Rather rare, although they were popular at the time, the Rabbit GTI come out today in the garages of those who were preserved for a few decades.

The problem is that they are trading at prices that bordered on indecency. A copy in very good condition and 100% original will sell definitely over $ 20,000. And I could quote you several examples of cars which are sold at sums much higher. I even personally bet up to 21 500 US $ for a GTI 1984 exception, not winning, not even the implementation. Treat me crazy if you want, but you are now able to see that I’m not the only one!

In fact, most of the cars I have at the time is a dream, would now sell at very high prices. And I would say that until 2013-2015, their value was still low. For example, we could easily at this time get their hands on a Camaro IROC-Z 1987-1988 for 6 000 $ or 7 000 $. Today, good luck to find one in very good condition for less than $ 15,000. Same thing for the Mustang 5.0, Toyota MR2 and Vw Corrado.

In short, my generation suddenly seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for the models of the 80’s and 90’s. The value of the cars of that era skyrocketed, much to the chagrin of my wallet. However, one could also believe that the value of the automobiles of the 60’s and 70’s, which peaked indecent, is called to fall. Because my generation loves to use may not be as many of the muscle cars that the baby boomers have for the most part restored to the wholesale costs, to make real jewelry.

st-what we would pay even $ 100,000 for a Dodge Challenger 1970 (without the HEMI)? Because these days, it seems that the Pontiac Trans-Am 1977 Burt Reynolds is more popular as a Firebird in 1967.

My little finger tells me that several collections of muscle cars will be on the market shortly, by neglect of the owner and his or her estate. This is then likely to tilt the balance of supply and demand. So, is this a Golf GTI 16V 1992 could one day be worth more than a Chevelle SS 396? Certainly. This is only a matter of time…

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