Opening bars: the owners will do anything for their customers

Ouverture des bars: les tenanciers prêts à tout pour leurs clients

Delighted to finally be able to review their customers, owners of bars will need to make feet and hands to comply with the health measures at the re-opening of their establishments.

The owner of the montreal bar Gift B Comber, Jeff Blanchette, recognizes that the experience will not be the same as its capacity will drop to 80% and that no change table will not be tolerated. Everyone will be sitting on a stool, and customers will receive an access code allowing them to access the menu of the alcohols on their phone.

The maximum capacity of the montreal bar Gift B Comber will increase from 600 to 120 guests.

“It is realistic, financially? I don’t know. We can’t wait to open, as much to see our staff to see our clients,” he said.

The national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, said during his Thursday press briefing that he would not be permitted to dance grouped together in the bars. People will be able to wiggle, but at a distance of two meters from each other, and they will have to stay seated as much as possible during their visit to the bar. The dance floor is compact as we know is prohibited.

These conditions will cause some headaches to teams, think of the owner of The Tavern Carrefour Laval, Mike Seguin.

“It is no longer an incentive for the world to come to us. Why couldn’t they dance with us, but they could dance in their yard with their friends?” inquired he.

“We regulate for a ability, I don’t see a problem. But after that, to control the world that dance… there are bars that’s what it is, their mode (of operation)”, pleads he, adding that to comply with these conditions could result in an additional charge of personnel.

Arcades and billiards

Bars with arcades and billiards will also resume their activities and bring in health measures are important.

The owner of Arcade MTL, Dominic Bourret, considering many of them such as washing machines after a certain period of time, the setting up of a bottle of Purell near the play areas and the closure of one machine on two to maintain the recommended distance.

“It is sure that we cannot get people to go. It will be necessary to control the number of people,” he adds, noting that he had to talk to his associates to validate these measures and to set a date for the reopening.

Mr. Bourret does not preclude the possibility to close a little earlier in order to keep more easily the control.

Kyle Fowler, owner of the bar Fitzroy, where guests can play pool on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, ensures that measures will be taken.
“Everyone will be required to wash their hands. We will have to wash, for the cleanest possible”, he says. A hostess will greet the customers and give them balls and sticks, which will be cleaned between each client.

The facility will open at the beginning of the month of July, said Mr. Fowler, immediately after the introduction of their new ordering service that will allow customers to order directly from their table.

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