Openings of some borders: a Quebec inmate upon his arrival in France

Ouvertures de certaines frontières: un Québécois détenu dès son arrivée en France

Even if the international flights to Europe have resumed, there is no guarantee that it is possible to actually enter in one of the countries of the european Union.

Quebec has learned the hard way Tuesday, as he took a flight to France, hoping to reunite with his lover.

Instead of entering the country, Denis Flag has been detained for almost 24 hours in the cell by means of the border services. The border police had not received all of the details, the ministerial decree concerning the reopening of the borders.

“My journey of love… I have not set foot on French land! I ended up in prison for the confinement of the border police at the airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle,” says Denis Flag VAT New. “It was not fed there was no water, we had no access to the vending machines.”

Even if the european borders are effectively open, each country can apply some of the guidelines are very precise.

Some States, in particular, apply a confinement of 14 days for any traveler, or for travellers from a State specific.

According to Eric Boissonneault, vice-president of the Association of travel agents of Quebec, the air carrier cannot be held responsible for an incident such as that experienced by Denis Flag.

“The airline must ensure that people have the necessary documents to go to the country. For example, a passport valid for three months, one speaks of France. If the entry is refused by the customs, there is no recourse with the airline,” says the expert.

The responsibility of verifying the access rights and the special measures rests with the traveler.

Denis Flag would have been able to enter the Hex if he had papers in French, which is not the case.

He intends to return there as soon as possible in order to plan his wedding with his lover, Nathalie, who resides at Larochelle.

“I want to go back there, because we want to marry! We are in love! This is Natalie, my champion, my lover!”, he concludes.

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