Opera Software has released the best browser for gamers: video

Opera browser GTX available for download, but is still in the first stage, “early access”

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:43

Norwegian company Opera Software, famous for its eponymous browser, Opera released a new browser that focuses on the gaming audience – Opera GTX. The company prides itself on being “the best browser for gamers.” The novelty is still at the stage of “early access”, but already has a set of built-in “chips” and adaptive settings that are useful to fans of video games.

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Opera GX got a cool game design with dark red elements of the interface, reminiscent of the decorated RGB-backlit computers. The user is free to choose one of ten preset modes or create your own using a palette of 16 million colors options. Emphasizes gaming style large set of background images, designed to support large displays gaming systems up to 4K.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

New design Opera GX

The main new feature is the Control panel of the GX. This function displays the processor and RAM browser in real time in the form of informative terms in the form of a speedometer. A simple click of the mouse in a circle you can limit Opera GTX the consumption of resources so that the browser is not slowed computer and allocated more power for games.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

The game bar loads of system resources

Modern games tend to be very “greedy”, and coupled with the online stream a lot of players close all unused applications to release all the resources that the streaming was smooth. As claimed by Opera Software, thanks to GX Control, users do not have to make these compromises to get smooth gameplay.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

Built-in limiter CPU and RAM

The second important for a player function is built-in integration with Twitch. The browser allows you to log into your account on the streaming service directly from the sidebar. Also the browser will give notification about the beginning of the broadcast of their favorite followers.

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Convenient speed dial Opera GX has undergone changes in the direction of the game direction. It contains tiles on the popular among gamers sites, including the shell, YouTube and Reddit.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

Information center GX Corner

Function GX Corner is an information center that displays the latest news from the gaming industry, as well as information about current discounts on Steam, Origin and Epic Game Store, promotions and new releases.

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Opera Software enlisted the support of Razer, so the native browser supports all gaming peripherals this company – keyboard, mouse and other items Razer Chroma will adjust their colors to match the selected colors of the backlight in the browser.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

Built-in free VPN

As for the web surfing, all useful options moved to Opera from Opera GX standard: integration of instant messengers and social networking Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, option a floating window video player, save traffic, integrated ad blocker and VPN service.

Opera Software выпустила лучший браузер для геймеров: видео

Built-in floating window video player

The browser was released in early access since yesterday and available for everyone absolutely free – you can download it via this link. The development of the browser will happen in a few levels. At the moment, early access opens on the 1st level.

We will remind that earlier Firefox did browser paid, we knew what have to pay. In turn, Google declared the destruction of Internet Explorer.

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