Opera to scare away strollers near convenience stores

Opera to scare away the loiterers near the dice. panners


A landlord in Texas resorted to playing classical music to prevent his clients from having unpleasant encounters. 

“Many of my clients, women or younger people are afraid to come here since there are constantly people hanging around the parking lot asking for money,” said Jagal Patel, the owner of a 7/11 in the city. of Austin, to KTBC.

He maintains that needles are often found on the ground and that an individual has already been attacked near the convenience store.

“I have to carry on me this big knife just to defend myself”, added a local worker. 

And the opera in all this?

“Studies prove that classical music is unnerving. Opera is annoying, and it seems the studies are right since the tactic works,” Patel continued.

Authorities have reportedly received some noise complaints already, but Jagal Patel maintains that his solution is beneficial for all. He plans to lower the sound of his anti-loafing music to accommodate his clientele.

It seems that the owner has influenced other merchants since opera can be heard almost everywhere in the United States like in Texas and several cities in California, struggling with a homelessness crisis.