Operation delayed due to the pandemic: it will have scars for life

Opération retardée à cause de la pandémie: elle aura des séquelles à vie

Even if it has never been reached of the COVID-19, a woman from the North Shore of Montreal considers itself as a victim of the pandemic: as the waiting time for its operation was extended because of the crisis, it is likely to have leg pain until the end of his days.

Veronica Olmedo was diagnosed in June with the syndrome of the cauda equina, a condition that begins in the lower back and that can have consequences exceedingly severe on the nervous system if it does not emergency.

His family doctor had told him that the operating room of the CHUM was going to call within the next 10 days, but things went otherwise.

“After two resonances magnetic, I was told that I had the syndrome of the tail of a horse to around the 5 June. I would have had to be made before the 15th, but on the 25th of June, I was still not,” said the clerk to the recipients, who is off work since the beginning of the spring.

During this period of time, the symptoms are severely aggravated. Mrs. Olmedo is to suffer electric shocks in the legs and had a lot of difficulty moving around.

On the advice of his general practitioner, taken aback by this interminable wait, Veronica Olmedo presented to the emergency room of the CHUM on the 26th of June last in the morning for his / her file and unlocks it. To his surprise, the same evening, she was on the operating table.

“The surgeon told me that he could block the symptoms, but they could not get back to it as before”, if is sorry for the one who is currently continuing his recovery in his home in Terrebonne.

The worst avoided

Veronica Olmedo, who now is learning to live with the pain standing at the bottom of the body, knows that his life will never be the same. It doubt that it will one day again work as a patient care attendant on the floor.

In spite of everything, the woman displayed a joy of life disconcerting. In the circumstances, she feels lucky.

“If I hadn’t been to the emergency, maybe I would have lost the use of my legs. When I was finally called back, it was already more than a week that I had been made”, she mentioned.

In other words, if she had continued to wait in her home, Ms. Olmedo would have been seen in the surgery a month after her diagnosis, a wait time much longer than the recommended interval of 10 days.

Not a single case

The CHUM is unable to say how many people, like Ms. Olmedo, had to wait longer, as a part of the resources were mobilized for the COVID-19.

The large hospital centre montreal said Saturday that he was taking advantage now of a respite from the pandemic in order to catch up the delays accumulated during the crisis.

“During the summer period, the number of rooms is higher than 15% in the last year and half of our rooms operate on an extended working hours. Subject of the evolution of the situation of the COVID-19, the operating theatres will resume to a level greater than or equal to the level pre-COVID from the 8 September”, reported by e-mail Lucie Dufresne, a spokesperson for the institution.

Anyway, a committee of the CHUM met on a daily basis at the height of the crisis to determine the operations that would take place anyway.

Veronica Olmedo wondered today what his health problem was not a priority in the eyes of the CHUM.

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