Operation snail by bike to demonstrate against the COM and the Link, the ring road projects in Montpellier

About fifty cyclists undertook a bike revolution this Sunday, June 23, to protest against the Montpellier bypass projects.

“With the difficult context, we hesitated to maintain this action. But the goal is to create a real collective by bringing together motivated people to subsequently undertake future actions…"Laurent Raffier, who was leading this bicycle protest this Sunday, June 23, did not skimp on safety instructions and encouraged his troops not to rush motorists as they were going to cross on their path and to ease tensions.

Once the missions assigned to each person and the final adjustments, the procession of around fifty cyclists, singing the slogan "Less roads, more otters", was able to set off from Peyrou around 11 h nbsp; for a tour of Montpellier  passing through  le Rieucoulon to finish on the banks of the Mosson around 1 p.m. with entertainment upon arrival.

Snail operation for abandoning devices

This bicycle snail operation organized by several associations including AutreCOM, Sos Oulala, Bloque Ton Périph with the support of Vélocité aims to raise people's awareness of ring road projects in Montpellier and especially the intercommunal connection of & ;rsquo;northern bypass (Link) and the western bypass of Montpellier (the COM). The demonstrators hope to convince people that "new roads always require more traffic" arguing that &quot ;alternatives exist.

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