Operations Totem pole : Premium Video is preparing a spectacular series of espionage French

Operations Totems : Prime Vidéo prépare une spectaculaire série d'espionnage française

Operations Totem pole : Premium Video is preparing a series of espionage French, which promises to be intense

Back in the 60’s on Prime Video in 2021. The streaming platform, Amazon is currently preparing Operations Totems, a series of espionage French, which promises to be spectacular.

In 2021, the French will be spoiled on Premium Video. In addition to a series for teens titled Voltaire, Mixed – signed by the designer of the Bracelets in Red, which promises to be exciting and informative, the streaming platform will unveil also Operations Totems, a new original creation intense that we will plunge into the world of espionage.

A series of spying on Prime Video

Directed by Olivier Dujols (The Office of the Legends, Falco), the series – co-written with Juliette Soubrier (White Area), will take place in 1964, at the time of the cold war and the race to the stars. We will follow “Francis Morizet, a secret agent in French, which struggles to get out of the shadow of his famous father, “which, on the occasion of his first mission on the ground, will fall “on a recruit of the KGB named Lyudmila“.

However, while the geopolitical issues in the four corners of the globe will be more important than ever, promising us of the scenery incredible,”Berlin to Paris, via North Africa and the USSR” and “sequences, breathless and battle scenes tense“, the two agents “will do everything possible to defend the interests of their respective countries and to resist to the feelings they have toward one another“.

“A series of spectacular and full of action”

A love story against the backdrop of historical thriller intense, taking place in a world of espionage ? What we promise in a cocktail as original as vibrant, and fascinate Georgia Brown (director, european original series of Amazon Studios). In a press release, the latter has shown overwhelmingly positive about this project : “Operations Totems is a series of spectacular and full of action which is to blow a new wind on the genre of the espionage film with a rare look at this universe. Its plot is based on a love story between two characters who, at the discretion of their peregrinations, will be caught up in a whirlwind of false pretenses, traps and lies that grab and hold the members Premium of France.” We are in a hurry.

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