Ophthalmologist warned about the dangers of using smartphones in the dark

Офтальмолог предупредил о вреде использования смартфонов в темноте

Bright glow of the screen can hurt the eyes.

The use of gadgets can lead to serious health problems, if not to follow some tips, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to PolitekA.

Long-view gadgets in dark time of the year, as well as the reading of the tape which is moving, leads to strain on the eyes, which, in turn, may cause fatigue, headache, nausea, and the like.

This was announced by head of the Department of ophthalmology of the National medical Academy of postgraduate education named. P. Shupik Sergey Rykov.

“All these gadgets are not designed to look at them at night – they are designed for you to look at them, or day, or with lighting, as is the contrast that is eye strain. In addition, we are talking about the fact that the tape itself is running. The book we gradually read, and then turn the page, and here we are just running text, and should focus on every line, which also moves, which causes overexertion of the eye muscles,” said the medic.

As advised by the medic, the best gadget in the same way as in a normal book, to first read the page, and then flip it and read more than ever to move along the tape.

However, he added that prolonged eye strain can lead to fatigue, ophthalmologic, neurological manifestations – fatigue, and lack of desire to read, and there may be nausea, and often headache.

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