Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!


Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!


Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

    • Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

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Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!


  • Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

  • Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

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  • Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

  • Richard Martineau

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

Science is not democratic. She is elitist!

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!

Martineau< p>Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!




I was telling you about the excellent film Oppenheimer, the day before yesterday. 

We can condemn – with reason – the creator of the atomic bomb, say that he was unconscious, naive, that it was obvious that the US military was going to put him down once he had invented his lethal weapon, caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and endangered the entire planet…

Rest that from a strictly scientific, strictly technological point of view, what Oppenheimer accomplished was mind-blowing.


How did J. R. Oppenheimer achieve this feat?

He surrounded himself with the best scientists of his time.

He went after the most brilliant physicists of their time. 

He didn't check the boxes on a government form.

He didn't 'didn't meet quotas. 

He didn't make sure that his team members met criteria set by federal officials who knew bloody hell about science. 

He didn't want to win a popularity contest in certain backgrounds.

He didn't want to show that he was “open” and “cool”.

He chose the biggest brains available. The crème de la crème.

That's science.

Science is not democratic.

It is elitist – that I said ? – aristocratic. 

It is by taking the best that one advances.

Not the nicest. Not the most progressive. Not those who “have made progress”. Not those who are part of “minority” and “traditionally discriminated” groups.

The best. 

Oppenheimer's team was mostly made up of Jews and Germans .


Simply because the best physicists of the time were – for cultural and historical reasons – Jews and/or Germans. 

< p>Oppenheimer did not choose them BECAUSE THEY WERE Jewish or German. He didn't care about their religion or their nationality! It passed 10,000 feet over his head!

He chose them because they were “Top Guns”, to use Pierre Fitzgibbon's formula. 

Do you see me coming?


A few months ago, the National Post released a mind-boggling story about a McGill University researcher.

The man was a laser specialist. A world authority, the Oppenheimer of lasers.

He wanted to develop a new kind of lasers, but was unable to obtain funding for his research project.

Why? His team of researchers was not diverse enough.

Not enough blacks, Muslims or non-binary bisexuals.

Twice he submitted his project to the granting agencies, and twice was told no.

For the same stupid reasons, which have nothing to do with science.

Quiz question of the week: let's say you have cancer. Are you going to refuse chemo treatment because it was created by a heterosexual white man?

To ask the question is to answer it. 

Men and women in positions of power who knowingly impose feeble standards on top researchers should be ashamed. 

It takes “Top Guns” at the head of university science faculties and within research teams. 

The color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation, their gender, etc. that their ethnic and/or social origin should never weigh in the balance. 

A scientist should never be set aside because of these criteria.

Nor named thanks to them. 


Thus, Justin Trudeau has carried out a major cabinet reshuffle. He replaced 30 of his 38 ministers!

That said… Who remains Prime Minister? Who will impose his views? Who will say yes or no? Who will continue to inflict their ideology on us? Justin!

Finally, a cabinet reshuffle is like a guy who's been married for 20 years dressing up as an electrician to add some spice to his sex life.

“Hello , Madame, I'm the electrician, I've come to check your amps.

– Well no, you're not Johnny the electrician, it's you, Maurice!”


This week it was discovered that the authors of a supposedly serious 'study' which claimed that abstinence from alcohol consumption has much better taste are members of a pressure group that advocates… abstinence!

Hello objectivity!

It's like asking a vegan activist to lead a study on the impacts of red meat on health…

Here, I'm going to order a study, too. I'm going to ask Éric Lapointe, Christian Bégin (“Un p'tit verre de vino!”) and Gérard Depardieu to write a “serious” report on the benefits of alcohol!

I ask what they are going to say…


According to a survey by the very serious French polling house Ifop (French Institute of Public Opinion), 19% of French people aged 18-24 believe the pyramids were built by aliens and 16% believe the Earth is flat. 

And only Americans are thought to be weird.. .

“We are witnessing a return to obscurantism,” said astronomer Carl Sagan at the end of his life. That was 1996.

Twenty-seven years later, here we are. 

Religions, conspiracies and superstitions are on the rise. 

It bodes well for the future…

Oppenheimer: science doesn't care about quotas!